Today`s special


Homemade rigatoni with swordfish and fresh tomatoes, saffron flavor!

Milanese style cutlet (“Cotoletta”) with grilled vegetables!

Orange granita with fresh mini tomato!


Party Box











Take out Box:
・Party Box – Regular size

・Party Box – Big size
    (Panini / Pizza / Antipasto / Affettato / Dolce)

Antica Forneria recommends


Black Olives Paste

Villa Orsara EXV Olive Oil

Villa Orsara  EXV Olive Oil – Chilli flavour

South Italian wine selection 

Daily Special


Organic bread made by natural yeast.

Assorted “crostini” with handmade ricotta cheese.

Fresh tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella “treccia” from Naples.

Buon appetito!

Daily Special


Antica Forneria recommends:

Grilled pork from Kirishima and roast chicken.

Antipasto misto.


Buon appetito!


Enjoy Calabria’s Finest Wines

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At Antica Forneria you will taste the finest wine selection of rare, hard-to-find Calabria wines and, our staff – committed to quality service, quality products – will assist you in the selection of the perfect wine according to your preferences.

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Daily Special


Handmade Tagliatelle pasta with Porcini mushrooms.