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 ​Ricotta Cheese Premium Dolce
An Italian classic using Traditional Italian recipe 100%Domestic ingredients


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About  Elio Locanda

The roots of Elio Locanda
When I was a child, I grew up in Nonna's Locanda. 
A farm restaurant where guests from all over the world came to spend their summer vacations.
She took care of every single guest as if he was her own child.
With no written menu, fed with natural and locally grown food, everyone who stayed at Nonna's place felt special, loved, and pampered.

Having been raised surrounded by  such a magic atmosphere made me dream of one day opening my own Locanda, just like Nonna's, and ignited a strong desire to travel around the world. And I did.
Several years later destiny brought me to Japan. 
In 1996 this dream became TRUE with the opening of "Elio Locanda".


About the Founder Elio Orsara

Born in Calabria, Italy, and, raised by traditional farmer grandparents, Elio Orsara has shared over the past 30 years his incredible passion and extensive knowledge of food with the people of Japan.
He has proved over and over his skills and keen business vision through a series of
projects that have been successful over the years that has mantained a positive balance even during some of the most challenging times during the recent years such as COVID19 and Fukushima Earthquake.


Elio Team

Orsara Germano

Executive Chef

Mikata (Michele)

Executive Manager

Russso Peppe

Locanda's Chef

Orsara (Germano)

Executive Chef

Mikata (Michele) 

Executive Manager

Russo (Peppe)

Locanda's Chef













Antica Salumeria

Elio brings to Japan the tradition of Italian salami making .

Fattoria Bio

Cheese made by Italians with local organic milk in Hokkaido.

Vera Italia

Imported original Italian goods for an authenthic experience at home.

La Cucina di Anita 

Italaian Mama's Style Cooking Lessons 

Colacino Wines

Elio's choice  Wine

Serra Giumenta 

An Organic Heaven of Food and Wines for an Unforgettable Holiday in Calabria.  

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